Role models + mattresses

Nancy Drew mystery books

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Happy 2015, y’all!

Here are a few interesting things on the interwebs that have started the new year off right…

♥ … My husband sent me this link to a photo round-up of celebrities that look like celebrities. Alan Cumming, you are my hero.

♥ … and now for something completely different (and fascinating):  the weird world of vintage poison rings.

♥ … also fascinating is this (short) history of the ctrl + alt + delete

♥ … I laughed all the way through this post about one mom’s issues with the bedroom in the children’s classic book Goodnight Moon.

♥ … and finally, I ♥ me some Nancy Drew. And I ♥ this piece about why Nancy Drew is still an amazing role model:

She’s still a totally badass literary heroine who amazes all of us with her smarts, style, and mystery-solving skills.

And excuse me, now I have some sleuthing to do… 😉


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