The Knowledge

Getting my November round-up of interesting things on the interwebs posted on said interwebs juuuuuuuuust under the wire… I highly recommend enjoying the following while also enjoying the remainder of your Thanksgiving leftovers. 😉

London black cab (image via Wikimedia Commons)

♥ This in-depth article about “The Knowledge of London” and what prospective London cabbies have to do to become licensed is FASCINATING. Like I’m-rereading-this-article-30-minutes-later-with-my-mouth-still-gaping-open kind of fascinating.

I kept quoting pieces of it out loud, like the following:

“There is no such thing as “failing” the Knowledge. You can either quit, or persevere and pass.”

“It is tempting to interpret the Knowledge as a uniquely British institution… But the Knowledge is less a product of the English character than of the torturous London landscape. To be in London is, at least half the time, to have no idea where the hell you are.”

“The brains of London taxi drivers have attracted scholarly attention. Eleanor Maguire, a neuroscientist at University College London, has spent 15 years studying cabbies and Knowledge boys… Maguire’s work demonstrates that the brain is capable of structural change even in adulthood.”

Also, how COOL is it to keep saying, “The Knowledge of London” — you feel so, well, knowledgeable. 😉

♥ I wrote to a few celebrities back in the day. (Debbie Gibson, I will always ♥ you.) But this woman was really dedicated, and she shares her celebrity snail mail collection and juicy tidbits here in this post. One celebrity sent her a packet of receipts (weird), and Sarah Jessica Parker has always been super cool and classy (no surprise).

♥ Here is a booklist intriguingly titled, “If You Like This Book By A Man, You’ll Love This Book By A Woman.” I know what my holiday reading list will be!

♥ A hobby we can all enjoy:  A guy paints random characters into old thrift store paintings. How can you NOT love a serene painting of Darth Vader and his stormtrooper buddy relaxing out on a lake and fishing together? This is why the internet was invented, y’all! 😉

♥ And finally… how to trap a cat in 3 easy steps. Now THAT is “The Knowledge.”


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