Caftans + mozzarella sticks + word games

Oh my! This month’s collection of interesting things on the interwebs comes complete with a sense of mystery, style, linguistic inventiveness, and 32 mozzarella sticks. 🙂

♥  Ever get confused by the differences between the phrases “this weekend” or “next weekend”? (I totally have.) This new word clears up everything!

♥  It’s the 25th anniversary of the classic film When Harry Met Sally. This is one of my favorite films, and if it’s a favorite of yours, then you will enjoy this ode to Sally’s style (and hairdos).

♥  I highly recommend this in-depth look at the history of the caftan and how it set modern women free.

♥  What happened when one woman had her picture photoshopped in 25 different countries? The results WILL amaze you!

♥  I totally agree with this writer’s celebration of Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote — I also want to grow up to be like Jessica Fletcher!

All those hours watching Jess tromp around Cabot Cove had drawn up a blueprint for a life, and had presented an ideal woman to become… And a woman who pays attention—who notices everything, remembers everything, and uses her intelligence and empathy to make sense of the world.

♥  All your favorite TV shows in LEGO form? Hooray for the Golden Girls!

♥  One woman’s 14-hour quest to get to the bottom of TGI Friday’s endless appetizers is both hilarious AND disturbing. Yes, I read all the way to the end of those 32 mozzarella sticks. Can you stomach it, as well? 😉

♥  And finally, Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” video has been making the rounds lately. If you haven’t seen it already — or even if you have — check out this hilarious (and educational) parody video. (Clicking the image below will open the video in a new window.)

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.42.31 PM


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