A look back

Looking back over the past half-year or so, it looks like I’m averaging one update a month on this site, so here’s my entry for June and what I’ve been enjoying lately on the interwebs. (June! What happened?! May, I hardly knew ye.)

♥ This post about the first-known female serial killer, Erzsébet Báthory, is more than a little grim — be forewarned — but fascinating.

There’s no easy transition moving on from female murderesses, so I’m not going to try. Simply this: PAUSE.

♥ And now for something completely different … a look back at Beverly Cleary’s Ramona Quimby books from age 40. I will have to reread these books, as I self-identified with Ramona SO HARD when I was a young girl. (I also am in walking distance of the real-life Klickitat Street, which makes my heart smile.) 🙂

♥ Feeling more nostalgia… an article on the 20th anniversary of the movie Speed, from the perspectives of the character actors who played the passengers.

♥ Another look back! This time, a “Where Are They Now?” piece about Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood Class of 2003. I spy Emily VanCamp!

Also, it is CRAZY to think about where I was in 2003. I was finishing up my library science degree and starting my first professional librarian job — in a public library! Since then, I’ve switched to academic librarianship, moved cross-country twice, and lived and worked overseas. Wow.

And all those changes took the support of family and friends, and those life choices were definitely not done all by myself.

♥ Unlike this guy, who made a music video about being all by himself at the Las Vegas airport… to the tune of Celine Dion’s cover of the classic song “All By Myself.” HILARIOUS.

Click image to view the video

Click image to view the video


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