Super-sized fun on the interwebs

It is “Super Bowl Sunday,” and nope, I’m not watching the game (or the commercials). Instead, I’ve been enjoying a super-sized dose of fun on the interwebs, including:

ALA Archives, c. 1921

♥ … national flags made from each country’s traditional foods, a promotional series for the Sydney International Food Festival.

♥ … amazing and clever librarian tattoos, 11 collected here and 13 more collected here.

♥ … this HILARIOUS send-up of gender stereotypes in a series of mock engagement photos.

♥ … this interesting essay about the appeal of seaweed collections in Victorian times. Bygone fads and seaweed ephemera — what’s not to like? 😉

♥ … famous movie scenes recreated by the coolest parents EVER. So hard to pick a fave, but I find the Die Hard recreation particularly clever.

♥ … this collection of vintage posters promoting American libraries. Propaganda at its best-intentioned, y’all.

♥ … not so sublime, but still illuminating, is this collection of 13 famous authors’ mugshots.

♥ … these European maps that reveal the origin of commonly used words, like church, beer, orange, and rose. A rose by any other name … turns out to be garoful. 😉

♥ … and last, but not least, is this collection of beautiful libraries, and beautiful quotes about libraries. So many books, so much beauty.



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One Response to Super-sized fun on the interwebs

  1. Naomi says:

    LOVE! I want to do a cardboard box challenge at our library, but not sure it would fly. Maybe these pics will help.

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