Drawing stares

♥ Why do Americans and Brits have different accents? This piece on that topic argues that the standard British accent has changed more in the last 200 years than the typical American accent.

♥ Clueless made a HUGE pop culture impact during my formative years. This nostalgia-filled piece maps out the Clueless locations in and around Los Angeles. Turns out, the house used as Cher’s homestead is in… Encino!

♥ These book stairs draw stares. I concur.

Portland Oregon from the east.

Portland Oregon from the east. By User:Fcb981 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

♥ This series of portraits of Portland residents is an introspective take on the Portlandia craze. (Yes, I live in Portland, and I think the Portlandia TV show is funny. In a so-hilarious-it’s-kind-of-uncomfortable-to-watch-because-it’s-so-close-to-reality kind of way. 😉 )

♥ And finally, you will definitely want to see this photo collection of famous writers at home. Ernest Hemingway? Typical. Edward Gorey? Hilariously unexpected. Agatha Christie? Mural envy.


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2 Responses to Drawing stares

  1. Katie says:

    Fun fact – that Greenville link is my city 😉

    I think, with the accent, that would depend on your “standard”. Like, I think my standard would match up to what they’re talking about, because the Midwestern accent is fairly nondescript, just the vaguest drawl on certain words. And there are parts of the West/Northwest for which the accent is strikingly similar. But for those growing up in the South, the Southern accent is really very different from what we would’ve heard 300 years ago when this was a colony. Or the Boston accent, or New York accent… I can’t imagine people spoke like that 300 years ago, haha.

    • It’s true, the word “standard” doesn’t mean a whole lot. I remember taking History of the English language class in college and doing a study on people’s perceptions of what the “best” American accent was — very interesting results! 😀

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