That’s the one about…

Hey, y’all. I’m still here and enjoying the summer and reading interesting things on the interwebs. Here’s a recent sample:

♥ … A look into why we are using the ellipses much more often. (Totally guilty of overusing the ellipses… yep. 😉 ) And wow, I didn’t know about Alexander the Great’s effect on the connection between reading and writing!

♥ … A collection of vintage photos of dorm rooms. It is nice to have it confirmed that we have been hanging posters and pictures on dorm room walls for over a century.

Dorm room decorations, 1905. Click image for source.

Dorm room decorations, 1905. Click image for source.

♥ … We have been listening a lot to The Civil Wars’ latest album. ♥ And reading this in-depth interview with female vocalist Joy Williams and her perspective on the duo’s own civil warThis is how you do an interview. Thank you, NPR, for reminding me of that.

♥ … On a lighter side, 30 things librarians love. YES. Especially #26.

♥ … And you KNOW you want to view these 19 vintage photos of stylin’ librarians. Only thing missing is a shot of stylin’ male librarians. But you can fill that gap by clicking here. You’re welcome. 🙂


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