Coffee revelations and ’90s nostalgia

Deutsch: Cappuccino mit Kakaoherz

I’m in the midst of working from home on a grant-funded project, but I still got time to find fun things on the interwebs, like…

♥ … this list of 25 snacks from the ’90s. Sam and I are riding a ’90s nostalgic high, especially after watching the (excellent) film The Way, Way Back, and we were reminiscing about Fruit Roll-ups (they were so gross but so popular) the day before I stumbled across this list. And we would still like to pack our freezer with the #2 snack on this list.

♥ … this infographic that reveals what your coffee preferences say about you. I bounce around the list a bit (mocha, latte, macchiato, frappucino, cappucino, etc.), so I guess I get whatever strikes my mood at the time.

♥ … these 4 things that movies always get wrong about introverts (especially #1!). And while we’re at it, go and read this illustrated guide to understanding introverts.

♥ … and this mind-blowing Pixar theory that my husband insisted I read all the way through. I am now passing that directive on to you. Seriously, read it all the way through. And then come back and leave a comment. 🙂


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