Roaming cats and hipsters

I recently took a quick trip to Texas last weekend for a family reunion, and just finished up the last week of spring term. School’s. Out. For. Summer! 🙂 But interesting things on the interwebs keep popping up regardless of holiday breaks, including…

♥ … this art project of classical sculptures dressed as hipsters. As one commenter noted, it “puts the past and the present in the same context.”

♥ … and these DC superwomen dressed in casual hipster fashions on their days off. OF COURSE Batgirl — a librarian in her day job — looks the coolest, methinks.

♥ … and this gallery of 21 actors who almost got the part. The subtitle written in invisible ink? Thank goodness they didn’t. 😉

♥ … and, last but not least, these GPS maps that reveal how roaming house cats spend their time during the day. Fascinating!


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