Cosmo’s jobs and roving librarians

Whew, it’s been a tough push at work lately, but thankfully, the term is now on the downslope, and I’m anticipating a slightly eased-up schedule. So! That means more time for interesting things on the interwebs….

♥ … like these etymological origins of words related to insults. Did you know the word cretin is related to the word Christian? Now you do! Go forth and learn more.

♥ … and these authors’ handwritten outlines of great literary works. I am FASCINATED by J.K. Rowling’s handwritten spreadsheet for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

♥ … and this rundown of all of Cosmo Kramer’s jobs on Seinfeld. This is what the Internet is for, y’all! 😉

♥ … and finally, I’m looking forward to this new site, The Roving Librarian:  A Library-themed Travel Blog. The home page states that the first post will be up and running in a month or two, so fingers crossed! I think I would like to contribute to it, as Sam and I have made a point of visiting a library in every new country we visit. Check out the “Library Photos” link above for photographic evidence. 😀


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2 Responses to Cosmo’s jobs and roving librarians

  1. One of these days, someone will publish my story cycle, and I’ll finally get to post my Wall of Stories on my blog. Not quite as impressive as Rowling or Heller, but still…. 🙂

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