Life lessons and awesome librarians

How is it almost May?!! Maybe April turned the corner and sped up into May while I was…

♥ … getting misty over this obituary of E. L. Konigsburg and these 10 life lessons from the book From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I loved almost everything Konigsburg wrote, and even as a kid reading From the Mixed-Up Files…, I said to myself, “THIS is what writing is.”

♥ … gasping out loud at this collection of lunch sandwich bags this dad (and graphic designer) has decorated for his kids since 2008. And at these amazing portraits drawn on maps. Art is so cool. Especially when you find it in unexpected places.

♥ … agreeing (or not) at this extensive ranking of 76 guest stars on “The Good Wife” TV show. My personal faves are Carrie Preston, Michael J. Fox, and Mamie Gummer. And Denis O’Hare and David Fonteno. Oh, and Linda Emond. Well, just watch the show and then we’ll talk some more. 😉

♥ … chuckling my way through this Flavorwire gallery of 25 vintage photos of librarians being awesome, sent my way from another librarian friend and colleague. HiLARious. Especially the hairdo on slide #6, and the general future-forward awesomeness of #25. I was also quite impressed at the range of featured librarians (gender, age, and ethnicity), as well as the range of featured libraries (medical, legal, public, school, bookmobiles, and more!). Now THAT’S being awesome.

Male librarian at the turn of the century
Although he’s not a librarian, my husband Sam also looks pretty cute good cleaning the bookcases at my mother’s school library, ca. 2001.

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