Notes of nostalgia

Canoedling postcardHappy Easter weekend! Here are some things online that I found interesting this Spring Break week, including…

Ο … this vintage Cosmo cover illustration that looks exactly like Amy Poehler. So Amy now joins Nicolas Cage in the illustrious (?) group of rumored celebrity vampires. 😉

Ο … speaking of creepy, check out these series of photos from abandoned theme parks. There’s always something so majestically sad and soul-stirring about photos like these, especially from places that have been hit by natural disasters, like the theme park near Chernobyl or the New Orleans Six Flags destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Ο … and hitting another note of nostalgia, here’s an interesting analysis of the Japanese pop album Alyssa Milano made as a teenager. “[S]he flew in and recorded her parts in five days.” Yes, one can tell.

Ο … more vintage goodness with this essay on the “delightfully sinful history” of canoes. Puts a whole new spin on “canoedling,” right?! 😉

Ο … and finally, an intriguing perspective on ghostwriting from a former ghostwriter of the Sweet Valley High series. Yes, I read and loved that series, so this was another personal flashback moment for me!


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3 Responses to Notes of nostalgia

  1. Naomi says:

    My favourite canoedling quote comes from Pierre Berton: “A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe.” Never tried it, but as a Canadian who’s grown up canoeing, I imagine it’d be pretty uncomfortable…

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