Cosby sweaters and obsolete words

English: Bill Cosby's star on the Hollywood Wa...

Bill Cosby’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Wikipedia)

♥ A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted this article about Cosby sweaters. And now, Bill Cosby’s asking us to vote for our personal faves. Yes!

♥ Cosby sweaters are awesome, as we have already determined. So are these 18 obsolete words, which never should have gone out of style. Who knew that I have been a California widow, as well as married to man who’s both a snoutfair and a bookwright?! 😉

♥ This headline reads: “People Seem Really Excited About Tilda Swinton Sleeping in a Box at MoMA.” I am one of those people. SWINTON!

♥ And last, but not least, every day is a little bit better with a bit of Tina Fey in it. You’re welcome.


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2 Responses to Cosby sweaters and obsolete words

  1. Naomi says:

    I’m all for reintroducing beef-witted and wonder-wench into everday English. Who’s with me?

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