Solving mysteries and cloning dogs

Cheers to you, 2012! And to these fun reads on the ever-amusing interwebs…

Real ‘Indiana Jones’ mystery

♥ … the heading alone, University of Chicago’s Indiana Jones mystery solved, is intriguing. So is the real-life mystery. 😉

♥ … the best of Craigslist 2012. From the ad for “NEED SCIENTIST TO CLONE DOG” posted in November:

$50 Bonus if you can make it speak English and Japanese

♥ … of COURSE I took the challenge of “Librarian Stereotypes:  What’s Your Score?” I scored a 10.5 out of a possible 24, and chuckled at the write-up:

10-11: Thinks for the rest of the day about how they disagree with the 24 attributes of being a librarian.

♥ … the New York Times added this question, “Do We Still Need Libraries” to their Room for Debate series. We’re STILL debating this? (Sigh.) As one of the debaters, Matthew Battles, elegantly sums up:

In their long history, libraries have been models for the world and models of the world; they’ve offered stimulation and contemplation, opportunities for togetherness as well as a kind of civic solitude. They’ve acted as gathering points for lively minds and as sites of seclusion and solace. For making knowledge and sharing change, we still need such places — and some of those, surely, we will continue to call “the library.”


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