Season’s greetings and neon signs

John’s Shoe Repair neon sign. Photo by Hively.

It’s been a couple of weeks, but there was lots to do before the world ended. Oh, wait… 😉

I’m on break, woo-hoo!, so there’s been more time to peruse the interwebs. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:

♥ This lovely piece about historical neon signs in New York City. My fave is the simple, yet effective, shoe repair neon sign at John’s Shoe Repair.

♥ These turn-of-the-century photos from the George Eastman House collection that will (literally) make you stop and stare.

♥ An entire blog dedicated to historical figures that used to be hot. ‘Nuff said! (Note:  It doesn’t look like this blog is currently being maintained, but it’s still fun to go through the archives. And perhaps come away with a new perspective on Rutherford B. Hayes. 😉 )

♥ And for something more seasonally appropriate (perhaps? yule be the judge!), this article features a medical doctor’s perspective on the burglars’ injuries in the Christmas movie Home Alone. His final diagnosis:

This movie was way more believable when I was 8.

And below, a re-edited trailer that puts a new spin on the movie:


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