Uncovering the old and discovering the new

Being sick last weekend threw me for a loop, but I’m back, baby! And what a week! Here are some interesting things I’ve been looking at on the interwebs lately…

♥ It’s the season for discovering ancient tombs! Just this week, the tomb of an Egyptian princess was discovered south of Cairo, and last month, the tomb of a Mayan queen, Lady K’abel, was discovered in Guatamala.

♥ After having just watched Skyfall this weekend — one of the best Bond movies ever, a pleasure from beginning to end! — I really enjoyed this article on the plausibility of Bond villain plots. I don’t think it’s an accident that the most plausible Bond film plots are also the most boring and unmemorable (cough, Quantum of Solace, cough).

♥ Here is my pretty of the week:  these vintage photographs given new artistic life with pinpricks of light.

♥ And my funny of the week? Tom Hanks performing a slam poem about the 1990s Full House TV sitcom on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Seriously, watch it. And then watch it again after you’ve stopped splitting your side from laughing. 😀


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