Sleevefacing and other library pastimes

This week in personal libraryland, I had a lovely conversation with a student who said the word bibliophile. Of his own accord! ♥

More good things that I connected with this week include…

♥ … this Flavorwire gallery of 10 essential books for book nerds. One of them is called The Man Who Loved Books Too Much. No. Such. Thing. 😉

♥ … this fun site called Library Sleevefacing, from BGSU’s Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives. What is sleevefacing? Go, explore, and find out!

♥ … this list of totally sweet library websites. My personal fave on this list is the Syracuse University Library site.


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4 Responses to Sleevefacing and other library pastimes

  1. Sleevefacing? Someone really needs to find a better term for that! All I keep thinking of is that Clorox commerical:

  2. Kaylin says:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂
    Sleevefacing… love it, too bad it can pretty much only be done with vinyls. Bookfacing would probably have to involve a Barbie doll model.

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