Vaguery and vagabonds

Catching up on stuff (don’t you just love vaguery at times?), including sifting through browser bookmarks. Here are some oldies but goodies I’m revisiting…

♥ … like this hilarious and inventive series of lavatory self-portraits in the Flemish style.

♥ … and this piece about influential writer David Foster Wallace and how he’s to blame (or thank?) for the common blogging writing voice:

The ‘sort ofs’ and ‘reallys’ and ‘ums’ and ‘you knows’ that we use in conversation were codified as the central connectors in the blogger lexicon.

♥ … this gallery of 10 crazy and unusual book designs includes edible and replantable books. My faves are the glow-in-the-dark book and the one made out of coffee residue. (Sam, I know you’re hooked!)

♥ … and like watching this 32-year-old man talk to his 12-year-old self. Technologically fascinating (and a tiny bit creepy, no?).

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