Speaking of makeovers

Hi there! My post this week is a bit later than usual, as I’ve been busy cleaning up the look and feel of this site. Still not 100% completed, but I like where it’s headed. Do you?

♥ … and speaking of makeovers, here’s an interesting Flavorwire gallery of 10 of the best “makeovers” in literature (literal and metaphysical). Pygmalion starts us off (of course).

♥ I love a good font, and you know how I love movies. I clapped for joy when I came across this Movie Title Stills Collection site, with main (and end) title screens from the 1920s to present day. Thank you, interwebs, thank you.

♥ Last week, when I revealed how much Sam and I looooove our Friends, I came across this insightful — and funny — roundtable commentary about how the one with the fake game show (which is my FAVORITE episode, no lie) epitomized ensemble comedy.

♥ And now, every single time Dana Scully says “Oh My God” in The X-Files. And yes, I did watch this video all the way to the end. 😉


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2 Responses to Speaking of makeovers

  1. Oh my God! I never realized how many times Scully uttered that phrase.
    If you really want to hear an impressive take on that phrase though, check out http://youtu.be/3NMGsRmZTFQ

  2. Nice! And I *have* actually watched Troll II all the way through… it is so bad, it’s hilarious! 🙂

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