Inspirations and predictions


Texas (Photo credit: SMU Central University Libraries)

Howdy, folks! We’re back from a little trip to see family down in Texas, and I’ve been trying to catch up on a little sleep the past couple of days. Results? Not so successful. I did unplug (for the most part) during our time off, but I’ve been making up for lost time with these gems from the interwebs:

♥ Brought to my attention by my sweetie husband, this giant labyrinth constructed of 250,000 books is (quite literally) awe-some. Plus, it was part of an art project series in and around the 2012 London Olympics. Books, art, AND the Olympics? Hooray! 🙂

♥ This collection of 12 buildings designed to look like other things is quite amusing. Some are just plain strange (inspired by a salt shaker? say whaaa?), some are a bit abstract (a hash tag?), and others are nerd-tastic (a Jawa sandcrawler?).

♥ Have you visited the Smithsonian site and blog series yet? So many interesting posts and intriguing headlines… AND educational! I know now the tacky history of the pink flamingo, as well as what Playtex has in common with Neil Armstrong. You just can’t put a price on the reaction that kind of knowledge will get you at dinner parties. Or with fellow librarians. 😉

♥ And last but not least, you need to watch this video of 5th graders predicting the future of the internet… in 1995. It’s amazing (and a little bit creepy) how spot-on they are. Even about cats on the internet. And please wait for the last slide in the video — it’s still true today, as well!


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3 Responses to Inspirations and predictions

  1. letizia says:

    I love the book maze…. not sure I’d want to find my out as I would be happy to read the book titles for hours!

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