Olympics! Olympics! We all fall down

Yep, it’s still Olympically themed over here at the Snoek-Brown household, as we wind down the 2012 Games. Late nights, droopy eyes, dramatic rivalries, it’s all worth it. Can’t wait for the Closing Ceremonies tomorrow! (And not just ’cause we’ll finally get some sleep.) 😉

Smiling Olympic rings illustration, Samuel Snoek-Brown (aka Uncle Smiley)

 Here’s my husband’s personal look back at the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta. He’s such a sweetie. ♥

 Wow, this infographic video on Usain Bolt and the 100-meter race is amazing.

 Ah, the Fab Five! I enjoyed this sartorial look at the evolution of gymnastic style since Nadia Comaneci in 1976.

 Pantone provided an illuminating — and colorful! — look at Queen Elizabeth’s rainbow-hued wardrobe.

 And finally, the Daily Mail got into the game with a color breakdown of Kate Middleton’s attire. Her red, white, and blue percentage definitely is going to go up a few points after this Olympic Games!


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  1. Love the title of this post!!! 🙂

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