London, baby!

English: Commemorative stamp of Greece, The Fi...

An Olympic-themed post this week, because you know what I’m watching! 🙂

 I remember being mesmerized by Greg Louganis as a kid. Here’s his very informative and useful guide to watching diving. Thanks, Greg!

 Here’s a gallery of cool Olympic-inspired street art.

 LOVED everything about the torch lighting ceremony, from the speedboat entrance to the seven young athletes and their mentors to the cauldron made up of the petals of all the countries. Brilliant. Here’s a Flavorwire slideshow of their top 10 craziest moments of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

 And this post explains what happens when an athlete loses an Olympic medal. Laughed out loud at this line:

Some Olympians don’t like talking about their absent-minded moment.

No kidding! Having a medal stolen is one thing, but misplacing one? No sympathy.

 This article poses the question, “Would Olympic Archers Be Any Good at Bow Hunting?” and advocates for an Olympic entry for field archery. Archery is cool in any context, so I say YES to more archery!


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