A mix of serious and silly

Hi y’all, and here are a few interesting things I’ve been looking at this week.

♥ Did you read and love the Encyclopedia Brown books growing up? I sure did! So sad to learn that Donald J. Sobol passed away last week at the age of 87. This blog post highlights Sobol’s lasting influence and work ethic (he wrote up to a month before his death!).

♥ Via my husband’s Facebook feed, I’ve been enjoying this Flavorwire gallery of extremely silly photos of extremely serious writers. My personal faves include Marcel Proust playing air guitar with a tennis racket (!) and Edward Gorey’s deadpan expression while posing with a giant stuffed bear. HILARIOUS.

♥ In this blog post listing 10 places to get inspired, both libraries and bookstores make the list. Yay!

♥ Have you checked out Rory Gilmore’s bookshelf? That (fictional TV) girl was seriously well-read. Ummm, I now have some reading to do…. 😉


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