Book clubs, uniforms, and two awesome ladies

Here are some interesting things I’ve been reading on the interwebs this week, and you can check out what else I’ve been up to over on my style blog spin-off.

♥ Book clubs! Here are ModCloth employees’ favorite summer reads. I found the writeup on Kerry Greenwood’s Phyrne Fisher Mysteries particularly interesting.

Phyrne’s a glamorous, intrepid lady detective in Melbourne in the ’20s; think Miss Marple with a bob and a wardrobe by Chanel.

Plus, those retro covers (see right) have me drooling. 🙂

♥ Just discovered BBC’s World Book Club site, where authors have read excerpts from their own works!

♥ You know how I love the Olympics, but the U.S. Olympic uniforms this year? Not so much. Because (a) berets? really?, (b) the Ralph Lauren Polo logo is enormous, (c) they were made in China, and (d) this isn’t even the first time our Olympic uniforms were made overseas! OLYMPIC FAIL.

♥ Speaking of uniforms… Intrigued by the question, “Why do we wear pants?” I was equally intrigued by the answer:

It turns out the answer is inexplicably bound up with the Roman Empire, the unification of China, gender studies, and the rather uncomfortable positioning of man atop horse.

♥ Angela Lansbury or Betty White? Why do you have to choose?


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