Ending up with the good

Click to visit the McAllen Public Library website

It’s been an up-and-down week, for sure. And you know how when people ask you, “Do you want the good or the bad first?” I always want the bad stuff first, so I can end up with the good. I’ll do the same here.

😦  Andy Griffith passed away this week. I loved Matlock, y’all. LOVED. And heres how Griffith once described his other iconic show, The Andy Griffith Show:  “The backbone of our show was love.” ♥

😦  Y’all already know how excited I get about the Olympics. So looking at pics of Beijing’s Olympic ruins makes me sad.

It’s a story that should serve as a warning not only to London but future cities that have their sights set on investing billions into new infrastructure for a two-and-a-half week event.

I agree, the Olympics are bigger than a two-and-a-half week event every four years. They should serve as a lasting inspiration for us all.

🙂   Then I read this article about how a girl reporter and an Olympic swimmer changed each other’s lives. Goosebumps and tears at the corners of my eyes? Yes and yes.

🙂  My husband, Sam, shared this article with me on Facebook, about how McAllen, Texas converted an abandoned Walmart into an award-winning public library. Only 10,130 more to go …


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3 Responses to Ending up with the good

  1. letizia says:

    I just love the story of how the Walmart was converted into a library!!!! That is so cool 🙂

    • Me, too! It warms my heart to read stories like that, and I definitely recommend a visit to McAllen Public Library’s website. There are tons more pictures. For example, they converted the fast food kitchen into the “Hungry Scholar’s Cafe”! Also, I’m now following your blog — I love a fellow bibliophile 🙂

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