In need of a little inspiration

1948 Summer Olympics

1948 Summer Olympics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week, I’ve been enjoying a sort of stay-cation, in-between the spring and summer terms at the college library. And in need of inspiration before going back to work. Perhaps the links below will inspire you, too.

♥ This collection of letters from famous authors to their young fans made me cry. In such a good way.

We think something about the way an author writes to a child is very telling, and even more than that, we know how much of an impact such letters probably had on their recipients, a thought that fills us with warm goodness.

♥ I often stop by the Making It Lovely blog. This week, Nicole wrote about summers, past and present, and photographs and memories and family. Reading it made me smile. It was, well, lovely. 🙂

♥ I love the Olympics. Love love love. I mean, LOVE. I get goofy-patriotic — even about other countries! — and I tear up at all the inspirational stories. Bob Costas, I ♥ you. But it’s so easy to get caught up in all the cynicism and commercialism and whiz-bang-fireworks hoopla. This article about the 1948 Olympics torch relay created on a shoestring budget, and how the relay became a “Relay for Peace” to unite a  Europe still recovering from WWII… well, if this article doesn’t touch your heart, then you need to read it again.

♥ I so needed to read Helen Jane’s solutions for a painful internet yesterday. And again today. And probably again tomorrow.


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