Linking through the rabbit hole

Please indulge me as I relate how I took a(n accidental) journey through links — a mashup of literary and pop culture sensibilities. ♥

Starting with my husband’s blog, A Beginner’s Mind, with this laugh-out-loud post of personal insights (see below) inspired by the ‘What Your Bookshelf Says About You to a Date’ article from The Date Report site…

Click to read the original post on The Beginner’s Mind blog

… which took me to that original post on The Date Report. Any article that includes a screenshot of Belle and books from the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast is ok by me. So from there, I followed the link to…

English: A panorama of a research room taken a...

Panorama of a research room taken at the New York Public Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… The Seven Best Libraries In America (To Bring A Date). I loooove libraries — obviously — and 7 is one of my lucky numbers. It’s fate. Of the 7, Sam and I have been to 3 (the New York Public Library, the Boston Public Library, and the Library of Congress)… but not together. 😦  We do, however, make a point to visit a library in every new place/country we visit together. That happy thought made me click on the link to…

…  another article on the same site about Why The Library Is Actually A Good Date Spot. My favorite bits from this post included:

People love to revisit their childhood, and few things bring out nostalgia like picture books. Even the coolest, most composed adult will usually revert to child-like excitement upon seeing a long-forgotten book, and date conversation will be consumed with “Omg, remember this one?”

Check something out, and go read it in the park. Or coffee shop, or at home, or whatever. You don’t have to stay in the library all day, you can use it as a springboard.

Now please excuse me as Sam and I do just that! Happy weekend! 🙂


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