I’ll take mine with sugar

Royal cipher used as part of the Royal Mail id...

Royal Mail delivery van. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, June. And I’m still wearing long-sleeved cardigans. And.I.am.LOVING.it. This week involved some late-in-the-spring-cleaning, including clearing out email inboxes and bookmarked sites. Here are some of those that I enjoyed catching up on:

♥ It’s Diamond Jubilee time in the UK, and that includes things like taking a look at the Queen’s fashion influence. She was seriously fashionable back in the day, and still looks perfectly delightful. She OWNS her look and wears those pastel hats, gloves, and handbags with confidence. Bless. (Oh, and if you’re not sure what the Diamond Jubilee is all about, then read all about it here.)

♥ And how cool of the Royal Mail to release a series of stamps celebrating modern British fashion. Seriously, these stamps are AWESOME. And educational. (My fave is the Jean Muir.) Props to you, UK. Go Olympics!

♥ On a completely different note, this Flavorwire gallery of abandoned train stations from all over the world is heartachingly beautiful. And sad. And makes me want to (re)watch The Time Machine or one of those documentaries about how long it takes for nature to reclaim cities.

♥ And now it’s time for a palate cleanser before I spiral down that hole. Feast your senses with this ethereal, dreamy, wondrous video.

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2 Responses to I’ll take mine with sugar

  1. Those train stations are gorgeous. But how strange that we human beings love admiring ruin. I am fascinated by ancient cultures and have loved exploring Roman and Greek ruins, for example, or the fallen forts and castles of forgotten cultures in Scotland, or forts and camps in the Arabian peninsula. But these photos aren’t of ancient ruins — we’re gazing at our own decay. In some respects, it’s almost like we want to associate our society with the great civilizations of the past, and say, “See, we were as grand and as glorious as the Roman Empire!” even while willfully ignoring that we’ve used the past tense. We were great. Once. 😦

    I’m particularly fascinated and saddened by the Detroit images — that train station is just one of many, many, many abandoned and ruined structures in what was once the beating heart of our economy and our infrastructure.

    And speaking of infrastructure, there comes a point in looking at those train stations when I realize how much Western society has abandoned the railroad. Even in Europe! It’s very much like attending a memorial — we celebrate what was even while confronting our loss. But we do celebrate, in a way. Or, perhaps more appropriately, these buildings serve as a kind of civilization-sized cemetery statuary. They are the places we visit when we need to reflect, to remember our past. Which is why, sad as these photos are, they are also poignant and beautiful.

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