The words are alive…

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Happy Memorial Day weekend to those in the U.S., and happy weekend to all! In addition to little things like working, reading Roger Ebert’s autobiography Life Itself, blogging, balancing our checkbooks, petting our kitties, and watching episode marathons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I’ve been…

♥ … drooling over these pics of bookshops in Berlin. Being around rows and rows of books just makes me feel better. Good thing I work in a library, huh? 😉

♥ … putting my English degree to good use by reading up on the most common comma mistakes.

♥ … geeking out on these lovely, thought-provoking illustrations of dead words. Don’t you just hate it when you get the yex?

♥ … getting goosebumps while watching Neil Gaiman’s commencement address at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Please watch it all the way through. It’s worth it.


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