Dare to play

Dare to play

Happy May! Seriously, how did it become May already? Maybe while I was…

♥ … playing Type Connection, a dating game for fonts. Interwebs, have I told you lately that I love you?

♥ … reading about the power of pronouns to predict dating success, but the power of pronouns doesn’t stop there! Fascinating to think about and consider how you use pronouns in your own life and correspondence.

♥ … devouring Tom & Lorenzo’s weekly recaps of Mad Men. They recap each episode, then delve into the styles. These are no fluff pieces; it’s must-read style and social commentary all in one.

♥ … looking at titles in famous authors’ libraries. By spying (hee hee) a few titles from Ian Fleming’s shelves, like Ghastly Good Taste, or, A depressing story of the Rise and Fall of English Architecture, he is now officially on my list of deceased celebrities I’d like to invite to a dinner party. What, you don’t have such a list? Go work on that, and let me know who you’d choose by leaving a comment. 🙂


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