A story behind every picture

♥ This article has been in my bookmarks for awhile, a father and son who retrace the steps of Odysseus on a literary-themed cruise. And, of course, it’s not really about the destinations; it’s about the journey and the stories we tell and share with each other along the way.

But maybe it doesn’t matter how closely you follow in Odysseus’s footsteps, in the end. More than anything, The Odyssey is a story about stories—stories about Odysseus, so long missing in action; stories that Odysseus hears; stories that, often to save his skin, he tells; stories that we all tell about ourselves, often without knowing it: the canny businesswoman who becomes a little girl again with her dad, the family whose Mediterranean reunion seeks to palliate a recent loss, the scientist who sits breakfasting pleasantly with the executive who dismantled the company to which he gave his life.

♥ And there’s a story behind each picture in this slideshow of couples getting married one random day at New York’s City Hall. Yes, I got all choked up. I’m sure my husband will, too. ♥ 

♥ I love old movies, but I had never truly understood before how Technicolor really worked. Thank you, interwebs, for clearing that up for me.

♥ Here is a lovely book jar DIY craft project, included in a fun roundup of “bookish things for those with a fetish for books.” Oh, how you know me so well. 🙂


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