Capturing the past

♥ Although I’m in no danger of being called a hipster, it’s still nice to know that Portland ranks very high (#2!) on this list of America’s top 10 cities for hipsters. I like the article’s subtitle:  “We liked these places before they were cool.” 🙂

♥ Interesting question to ponder:  Are book covers different for female and male authors? My husband captured the moment in his Facebook timeline:

♥ I love it when Slate does these multi-part series, and this one on the crisis in American walking got my attention. Portland is a very walkable city, especially our NE neighborhood, and it’s one of the reasons why we moved here.

♥ I also loved this Slate piece on children’s memories and how research has changed over the years on what we understand about our earliest memories. Fascinating!

This is where the new science of early memory takes an unexpected turn: Once memories start to stick, how long they stick around for may be less of a neural question than a social question. It may have less to do with the child than with the adults.

My earliest snapshots of memories include a large, pink stuffed bunny I spied while walking down a corridor of concrete bricks; locking my family out of a new house during moving day; the illustrated ducks on the cover of the first book I read; and the crying babies all around me at preschool while waiting for my mom to pick me up after school.

What are some of your earliest memories?


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