Star style synergy

As you probably know already, I’m a librarian who loves movies. (So please check out my Reel Librarians blog if you haven’t already. And if you have checked out my blog already, then please subscribe. And if you’ve already subscribed, then go ahead and give yourself a gold star for today.) So naturally, I love this site, Movie Star Makeover, which I came across when putting together this blog post on my Reel Librarians blog. And BONUS! the site creator, Kay, is also a librarian. 🙂

So I took Kay’s fun “Star Style” quiz, and it turns out… woo-hoo, I’m like Katharine Hepburn! My style is “Smartly Tailored,” and here’s a shot of the write-up:

"Smartly Tailored" star style on the Movie Star Makeover site

You are intelligent, savvy, independent, quick-witted and never take no for an answer. You project an aura of refined self-confidence and positivity, and a plenty of sass thrown in for good measure. You say what you think and you mean what you say. If a group needs a spokesperson or a mistress-of-ceremonies, they turn to you. It’s easy for you to get exasperated and you often comment on life’s little ironies with a wry smile and a cocked eyebrow. Your speech is peppered with sarcastic remarks and funny stories, but if someone crosses the line with you, watch out! They will be singed by your regal glare.

I read that aloud to my husband, and his response? “Yep, that sounds about right.” 🙂 And Katharine Hepburn also starred as the classiest and best-dressed reel librarian EVER in Desk Set (1957), so I am doubly happy to share her sassy sense of personal style. I’m equally thrilled with the other “Smartly Tailored” icons, including Barbara Stanwyck, who starred as reel librarian Lulu Smith in Forbidden (1932). Ah, style synergy at its best.

What’s your star style? Please share and leave a comment.


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