All things great and good

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Yes, I am wearing green — an olive green t-shirt with this design. 😉 And here’s a peek into Irish, and literary, history with a video highlighting the Book of Kells.

♥ My husband sent me this link to photographs shot from the inside of musical instruments. Stunningly beautiful and atmospheric.

♥ You KNOW I’m excited for the new season of Sherlock. And in this sneak peak trailer, he even name-drops a librarian!

♥ My giddiness over Pinterest has been documented already on this blog. Here are 20 cool and inspiring ideas for how libraries are using Pinterest.

♥ A gallery of 25 kick-ass TV heroines? Yes, please. (Sydney Bristow, we ♥ you.)

♥ Even better is this Flavorwire slideshow of 10 of the most powerful female characters in literature plus 10 more from reader submissions.


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2 Responses to All things great and good

  1. Coln Higgins says:

    Given my nationality, my profession, and my alma mater, I couldn’t but like this post.

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