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Looking forward to a lazy weekend in the Snoek-Brown household. And I will aid that laziness by highlighting some interesting things on the interwebs…

♥ To celebrate the queen of everything, Meryl Streep, click here to view a video montage of her true talent… as the master of eyeglasses. Ah, the spectacle of spectacles is a wonder to behold.

♥ Ever wonder what’s inside those Oscar envelopes? And did you know that the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (as it’s currently known) has been doing the Oscar ballots since 1935?! No wonder they take that job so seriously.

♥ So the Oscars are over, plus the New York Fashion Week before that. But I can still enjoy this slideshow of Best Literary Frocks For Fashion Week: Books Meet Fashion On The Big Screen. Love the introduction:

“Think book geeks and fashionistas have nothing in common? Think again! Countless novels have been turned into films in which unforgettable literary characters are given new life—as well as, often, fabulous wardrobes… we salute the stories that inspired the creation of some of the most unforgettable looks in fashion history.”

♥ I have loved the idea of secret passages in homes ever since reading Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase back in second grade. Here’s an article about five New York homes with secret passageways and hidey holes. So cool!

♥ This article about the power of habit and the history of toothpaste is FASCINATING.

♥ And our city, Portland, Oregon, gets TWO spots on Smithsonian’s list of 20 best food trucks in the U.S.

Yep, now I’m hungry.


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