A good way to spend your days

The open country of a woman's heart

1830s map of a woman's heart

I have actually managed to enjoy some other things online OTHER than the seriously addictive Pinterest and Polyvore sites. And I have also managed to work, teach, shower, eat, paint my toenails, and watch the BAFTAs whilst enjoying Valentine’s Day heart-shaped candies. Not all at the same time, of course. Well, except maybe for the chocolates. Productive and multi-talented? Oh yeah, I’m your Girl Friday. 😉

♥ Fonts, fonts, fonts, fonts! They make me happy. So does this gallery of 20 cats as fonts and these baked typefaces. Oh, Comic Sans, how you amuse.

♥ These vintage maps of the human heart are beautiful, poignant and thought-provoking. I wonder how large my “region of platonic affection” is…

♥ … and I’m pretty sure my “love of dress” takes up a good chunk. Probably helps explain why I was drawn to this Flavorwire slideshow comparing the best of this year’s New York Fashion Week with obscure architecture. And a library made the list!

♥ I found this list of 25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore amusing, with a few parallels to working in libraries:

  • A surprising number of people will think you’ve read every book in the store and will keep pulling out volumes and asking you what this one is about. These are the people who leave without buying a book, so it’s time to have some fun. Make up plots.
  • If you open a store in a college town, and maybe even if you don’t, you will find yourself as the main human contact for some strange and very socially awkward men who were science and math majors way back when. Be nice and talk to them, and ignore that their fly is open.
  • No matter how many books you’ve read in the past, you will feel woefully un-well read within a week of opening the store. You will also feel wise at having found such a good way to spend your days.

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2 Responses to A good way to spend your days

  1. Yay! Thank you for liking me. It’s rather sad how much time I spend on pinterest, polyvore, shopstyle and other sites.

    Also, a friend just emailed me the cats as fonts this morning. I especially love the Helvetica one because cats in glasses are awesome.

  2. You’re welcome — always ready to support a stylish colleague! 🙂 And yes, I agree, the Helvetica cat is so cute with the glasses and the hat, and my hubby was particularly fond of the Times New Roman cat.

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