The sole of my soul

We all have many facets to our personalities, and today I am embracing my pop psychology side. What do your shoes say about you and your approach to life/work/play? A few years ago, I had picked up this fun and thoughtful volume, The Perfect Fit:  What Your Shoes Say About You, by Meghan Cleary. A bit of self-reflection is always healthy, and I like thinking about how my outlook on life has changed as my sense of style has evolved. And yes, I do plan my daily outfits based first on the shoes, which depends, of course, on what I need to do that day, plus what the weather has in store. So here are my favorite shoe styles, examples from my personal shoe collection, and corresponding excerpts from the book:

What is your favorite pair of shoes?

I have a tie: my brown suede Mary Janes and my metallic silver flats. I always feel better when I put them on. Comfort is key! Both of these types of shoes are in the “Down-to-Earth” sole category:

“The women who inhabit this basic sole type like to feel grounded and in step with reality at all times. The feel of the earth or pavement beneath their feet gives them a feeling of stability that helps them move through life with a very consistent and steady pace, approaching all situations with holistic understanding.”

Now let’s get into the details.

The Mary Jane

Brown suede and tweed Mary Janes

  • You like order and neatness in all things, though you are often game for a fun activity (provided it’s not too outlandish) and have a great sense of playfulness underneath your prim and proper exterior
  • Your belief is that there is no reason not to have a little coordination in one’s life, a very calming effect
  • It is important that your skills are appreciated and you are given plenty of positive recognition

The Ballet Flat

Silver metallic ballet flats

  • Brought up with middle-class values
  • You’re the one who irons out disagreements between friends, sometimes without their even knowing it, and always with a lot of love
  • You like a bit of structure in your life

The Knee-High Boot with High Heel

A very close runner-up and my Shoe Rising (aspirational) sign. Sometimes, I just like to feel 6 feet tall, and mission accomplished with my high-heeled, knee-high boots. I currently have two pairs, brown and black, and am always on the lookout for a grey pair.

Black high-heeled, knee-high boots

  • Middle-class values to you are the true essence of life
  • Education is highly prized, and you are well read, kind to all you encounter, a solid citizen, and a rock-solid foundation to your family and friends
  • Your sense of humor is unflappable; you value hard work and believe in regular holidays and the importance of being neatly turned out at all times

So what are your favorite shoes?


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