The best of times

♥ This past week was the 200th birthday for Charles Dickens. This is a FASCINATING article about Dickens from the perspective of the Facebook generation, which includes a thrilling recount of how Dickens survived a terrible train wreck and saved his final completed novel, Our Mutual Friend.

♥ Is your favorite Dickens character included in this Flavorwire slideshow?

♥ I often find myself returning to this site, Ugly Renaissance Babies. Wonder what this reveals about me… as Ross said on Friends, “Ugly baby judges you!”

♥ As a kid, I was captivated by the possibilities of handwriting analysis. So of course I was drawn to this pop-psychology collection of analyzing writer’s personalities from their handwritten manuscripts. An interesting mix of writers, from Jane Austen to Chuck Palahniuk.

And now I’m off to celebrate our 15th anniversary… Happy weekending!

This tree marks the spot where, 15 years ago, I met a young man, a man who is now my husband. 🙂 Photo by Sam Snoek-Brown.


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