Book babbling and other amusements

Happy weekend to all, and to all a good day! Here’s what got me laughing, gasping, or oohing and aahing this week…

Trinity College Library – Dublin, Ireland

♥ 8 Bad Ass Libraries? I concur. My faves — #1 (disco library!) and #6 (gorgeously traditional).

♥ I can totally relate to this Freshly Pressed post about book babbling — picking out phrases in books you read that speak to you, and trying to figure out why. And it goes back to the idea that readers make better writers. And librarians, of course. 😉

♥ This week’s Flavorwire slideshow is 15 famous estates of 15 famous authors, inspired by Edith Wharton and her estate, The Mount. (And did you know Wharton’s first book was a design manual called The Decoration of Houses?!) While Wharton’s estate is lovely, my personal fave is Mark Twain’s house in Hartford, Connecticut (#2).

This list of Puritan baby names, taken from the 1888 tome Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature, is simultaneously hilarious AND cringeworthy. Or at least, I cringed for these poor souls saddled with names like “Kill-sin Pimple” and “Humiliation Hinde.” But I did smile at the last name on this list, “Love Appletree.” What can I say? I’m a happily incurable romantic…

♥ … which helps explain why I have gone back several times to this True Love in Pictures gallery. You can also submit your own photos! Charmed by these truly lovely photos, I also found it amusing at the same time to replay the Impressive Clergyman’s lines in The Princess Bride:  “And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…”


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