A little bit of bookshelf love

♥ My husband sent me this link, knowing I would LOVE to spend some time perusing Bookshelf Porn. The following (totally safe for children) images will make you gasp out loud if you ♥ books and bookshelves. You’re welcome.

A bookshelf necklace. My heart just skipped a beat.

♥ My favorite quote this week, from Colin Higgins and his Libraries at the Movies blog:

The library is the natural end of a detective story … The various would-be murderers are gathered there and arranged like the books on the shelves. The quirky sleuth then picks out the villain through an act of weeding, cataloguing, collection management – Miss Marple is a glorified librarian.

How have I not mentioned before now how huge an Agatha Christie fan I am? Obviously, reading Christie mysteries as a youngster — do people still say youngster? Guess so. I just did —  was a major (and subconscious) factor in my becoming a librarian.  😉

♥ Flavorwire’s slideshow of 15 great works of literature-inspired nail art. LOVE IT. My faves are #7 and #8. Of course.

♥ Here’s a video of clips from the Banned Books Week activities organized by the 2011 recipients of the Freedom to Read Foundation’s Judith F. Krug Memorial Fund. Enjoy!


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