What happens in a bookstore at night?

For those of you in the States, happy holiday weekend!

♥ And speaking of our upcoming national holiday, I was SO glad to hear that they will be changing the abridged quotation on the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C. I’m a librarian. Get the quote right!

♥ This Salon headline caught my eye: Why Barbie should go bald. Why not?

♥ I love this series of literary mixtapes on Flavorwire. Thoughtful and delightful, they make you think of characters and their books a little bit differently. (Plus, they make think of mixtapes I put together during my youth. And possibly still have. Good times.) My favorite one so far is Holly Golightly’s mixtape.

♥ My favorite thing this week, and possibly EVER. Check out this video below, “The Joy of Books,” put together for Type Books, with original music composed by Grayson Matthews. What happens in a bookstore at night? It is as I always imagined…


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