A few of my favorite things…

Here are some things on the interwebs I found interesting this week…

♥ Season 2 of Downton Abbey is almost here (woo-hoo!), so of course, I took this Downton Abbey personality quiz. Turns out, I’m Anna Smith, head housemaid (yay!):

You are basically the best employee ever. Competent, practical and tough, you can handle anything life throws at you – whether it’s rude colleagues, secretive romantic partners or surprise dead bodies in the workplace. Your kindness and loyalty are to be admired, and that Bates fellow should really recognize what a catch you are.

My husband said that sounded just about right — minus the Bates fellow, secretive romantic partners, and surprise dead bodies in the workplace, of course. 😉

Click image for more amazing book landscapes

♥ I don’t think it would be possible for me to love Judy Blume more. She is fabulous. Check out this short ‘n sweet Q&A — literally sweet, because she reveals that cupcakes are one of her favorite things!

♥ I love fashion, and I love books. This post, “Wearing the Book: Ulysses,” combines these loves in one fun, relatable package.

♥ Flavorwire’s 25 most beautiful college libraries in the world. For sheer jaw-dropping awe, my vote goes to the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University (#2 on the list). How many have you been to, or planning on visiting now?

♥ I am blown away the beauty of Canadian artist Guy Laramée’s creations — he “transforms the pages of elegantly aging books into sculptures of mountains, lakes, and monuments.” Truly impressive.


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