A look back

Looking back over the past half-year or so, it looks like I’m averaging one update a month on this site, so here’s my entry for June and what I’ve been enjoying lately on the interwebs. (June! What happened?! May, I hardly knew ye.)

♥ This post about the first-known female serial killer, Erzsébet Báthory, is more than a little grim — be forewarned — but fascinating.

There’s no easy transition moving on from female murderesses, so I’m not going to try. Simply this: PAUSE.

♥ And now for something completely different … a look back at Beverly Cleary’s Ramona Quimby books from age 40. I will have to reread these books, as I self-identified with Ramona SO HARD when I was a young girl. (I also am in walking distance of the real-life Klickitat Street, which makes my heart smile.) :)

♥ Feeling more nostalgia… an article on the 20th anniversary of the movie Speed, from the perspectives of the character actors who played the passengers.

♥ Another look back! This time, a “Where Are They Now?” piece about Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood Class of 2003. I spy Emily VanCamp!

Also, it is CRAZY to think about where I was in 2003. I was finishing up my library science degree and starting my first professional librarian job — in a public library! Since then, I’ve switched to academic librarianship, moved cross-country twice, and lived and worked overseas. Wow.

And all those changes took the support of family and friends, and those life choices were definitely not done all by myself.

♥ Unlike this guy, who made a music video about being all by himself at the Las Vegas airport… to the tune of Celine Dion’s cover of the classic song “All By Myself.” HILARIOUS.

Click image to view the video

Click image to view the video

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We will rock you

It’s been awhile, but I have been definitely been scouting out interesting things on the interwebs, such as …

♥ … these retro-style posters for 10 signature episodes of the Mad Men TV series.

♥ … this witty, impassioned sorting of 19th century British novelists into Hogwarts. I particularly enjoyed the sorting of the Brontë sisters.

♥ … this map highlighting the stereotypes of the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as a stereotype map of the United States, according to British people. (I love that “White Walkers” appear on both maps, hah!)

♥ … this list of the 25 greatest homes in literature. Quite rightly, Manderley in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca starts off the list.

♥ … and last but not least, 11 literary librarians who smash stereotypes. Love that the URL for this BuzzFeed article reads “Librarians Rock.” ;)


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Vancouver library visits

Spring greetings, y’all!

In late March, my husband and I took a mini-holiday up to Vancouver, BC. This was my first time to the west coast of Canada, and we had a lovely time. The weather also cooperated, as it was sunny all but one day!

Every time we visit a new place, we also visit a library. On this trip, I not only got to visit the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library — more on that can be found here on my Reel Librarians blog — I also happened upon a “Little Free Library” on Granville Island, as well as the Emily Carr University Library on the island.

Librarian for Life  |  Vancouver libraries

Clockwise from left: Posing in front of the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library; at the Emily Carr University library on Granville Island; delight in finding a “Little Free Library” on Granville Island

If you’d like to see more libraries I’ve visited around the world, click the “Library Photos” link above.

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Oscar dresses + Sesame Street

Because those two things, Oscar dresses + Sesame Street, go together, right? On this weekend special, they sure do! And it is Oscar weekend, my friends. Guess where I’ll be Sunday night? ;)

♥  First up, an infographic detailing every Best Actress dress since 1929. Swoon!

♥  I am sure y’all will be as interested as I was in these stylish illustrations of interior designs of classic films.

♥  OF COURSE Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is on this list of 15 books that changed women’s lives forever. But I do have some other reading to do…

♥  This  collection of photos entitled “Old Mysterious Photos that will Haunt Your Dreams” will do just that.

♥  And finally, a little Benedict Cumberbatch counting with the Count on Sesame Street. You’re welcome.

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Super-sized fun on the interwebs

It is “Super Bowl Sunday,” and nope, I’m not watching the game (or the commercials). Instead, I’ve been enjoying a super-sized dose of fun on the interwebs, including:

ALA Archives, c. 1921

♥ … national flags made from each country’s traditional foods, a promotional series for the Sydney International Food Festival.

♥ … amazing and clever librarian tattoos, 11 collected here and 13 more collected here.

♥ … this HILARIOUS send-up of gender stereotypes in a series of mock engagement photos.

♥ … this interesting essay about the appeal of seaweed collections in Victorian times. Bygone fads and seaweed ephemera — what’s not to like? ;)

♥ … famous movie scenes recreated by the coolest parents EVER. So hard to pick a fave, but I find the Die Hard recreation particularly clever.

♥ … this collection of vintage posters promoting American libraries. Propaganda at its best-intentioned, y’all.

♥ … not so sublime, but still illuminating, is this collection of 13 famous authors’ mugshots.

♥ … these European maps that reveal the origin of commonly used words, like church, beer, orange, and rose. A rose by any other name … turns out to be garoful. ;)

♥ … and last, but not least, is this collection of beautiful libraries, and beautiful quotes about libraries. So many books, so much beauty.


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